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Managing Performance: A Professor's Perspective

By Prof. Leon Laulusa, Mannheim & Tongji EMBA



Managing performance under uncertainty and complexity requires more expertise and knowledge while making it a key competitive advantage. It is particularly true and necessary in the context of economy recession where one has to implement new action plans in order to increase or maintain a firm’s profitability and to reach a firm’s objectives.

But what does performance mean? Performance is not only a matter of financial issues. We observe that performance is multi-dimensional concept according to business model. It can be seen as triple bottom line (financial, social and sustainability development) in one's organization. In particular, performance has duo dimensions which constitute the two sides of one's coin: reducing costs and creating value to stakeholders.

The two days' session gives you a comprehensive view and in a concrete approach about how to translate your strategy into performance metrics and to identify levers of action in order to drive your organizational performance. Traditional methods versus more modern frameworks are showed and applied. Through this session, participants not only increase their knowledge about managing performance issues but also face the situations with 4 real-life cases (costs reduction, impact of cultural values on managing performance, implementing new performance measurement in a Business Unit, translate mission and strategy into KPI).

We use a step-by-step interactive learning approach and group discussion for experience sharing. A lot of examples from world-class companies and latest innovative principles are illustrated.