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Review of Information Systems Course

By Zhibin(Will) Peng, program participant



14th of July, 2014, whole Germany is excited with the world cup campaign, we start the IS course of the Mannheim & Tongji EMBA with Professor Dr. Alexander Maedche, Chair of Information System IV from Mannheim Business School.

The fully engaged course started from the introduction, including the course objectives from professor, as well the expectations from participations.


The foundation of IS were delivered with a combined content, from the reality cases and theories, historical and present situation, general and sharp-sighted opinions. IS is pushed by the business requirement, but also frequently the advanced IS solutions drive back the revolution of the business. The roughly picture of IS was drawn out within these several hours, through relationships between the organizations, individuals, and technologies. After the IS fundamental Session, the IS is already not a miracle topic for the participants who are not involved with IS business before.


The 2nd day we go ahead with the IS transformation process. IT department should finish the conversion process based on the business process, at this time IT is a cost of the enterprise, and the precondition is right process definition and mindset of the whole organization. The key step is successful IT management.



After the Process Conversion, the corporation will use the IS as assets. IS should help the corporation to improve their performance, the reference power is the quality of the IT management and the users have related ability to handle the new system. With right IS implementation, a corporation can diverse themselves in the market, but the external environment and internal capabilities should be taken into consideration. In the case study we learned how to select the IS based on the variation of the business model, financial situation and external environment, and how to implement the change management.


At end of the course, guest speakers introduced us the IS system in Continental, and the IT management process. The alignment between IS and business strategy is clearly shown to us, especially with the complexity of global enterprise.


It is quite nice impression with these two and half days course, the class was motivated by the interactions between professor and participations, case study and the theory was quite balanced.