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Review of Corporate Governance and Organizational Design Course

By Mr. Yubo Ying, participant of the program

In the morning of day one, Prof. Chan started course with fundamentals of Corporate Strategy and various classic strategy models. Furthermore, key framework, principal and process of organizational design were introduced to the class participants. Those are very useful utilities to understand corporate governance since the topic of corporate governance and organizational design is no one single model, it is all about execution. In the afternoon session, participants deep dived class A, class B share strategy listing in both Hong Kong and US stock market and analyzed organizational design reflecting in corporate governance through ongoing Alibaba IPO case.

Day two was case study time. Prof. Chan prepared two valuable cases to the class. First one is ‘Krohne’s entry into the Chinese market’, which linked to one dimension of corporate governance in Joint Venture management. Standing from German company viewpoint, class groups work out both entry and exit strategy, also provided approaches of how to balance two sides’ benefit in Joint Venture via corporate governance practice. ‘Weicai and KION’ case was the other interesting one as it was China’s largest investment in Germany. The whole class analyzed financial result of the deal and brainstormed business driver and synergy from China SOE and German family enterprise point of view. By taking political factor of China company going out strategy into consideration, all class participants deeply understood the complexity and importance of corporate governance and organizational design leading to a real win-win business.

Keep looking at big picture when processing corporate governance is the core added value to all participants from this fruitful two-day course. The whole class highly appreciate Prof. Chan for his broad knowledge sharing and excellent case study coaching. We are expecting more courses provided by TongJi-Mannheim EMBA program to meet the needs of both Asian and European executives.