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Operation Module: Managing Performance by Prof. Dr. Leon Laulusa

2014, July 09 – 19, the Operation Module is taking place at Tongji Campus. As the first course of this module, Managing Performance attracts great interest from the program participants because of its critical focus of corporation activities.

Managing performance under uncertainty and complexity requires more expertise and knowledge while making it a key competitive advantage. It is particularly true and necessary in the context of economy recession where one has to implement new action plans in order to increase or maintain a firm’s profitability and to reach a firm’s objectives.

Faculty Sportlight

Prof. Dr. Leon Laulusa

- Ph.D. in Management (Paris-Dauphine University), French Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor
- Professor and Academic Vice Dean for International Development at ESCP Europe
- ITP alumnus from Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University)
- Main research interests span from international financial accounting to the impact of national culture on firms’

- Part-time lecturer at HEC Paris, Paris-Dauphine University, the Institute National des Telecommunications (INT)
- Former Partner in Audit and China Desk; Various consulting projects at Deloitte, BDO M&G and governmental

  organizations like European Commissions and World Bank

More concerning the module and its courses will be found in our subsequent reports.