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Design Thinking Workshop @BOSCH

Tuesday, July 15th 2014, 9AM – 6PM

• For students: learn about DT through self-experience, generate ideas and IT solutions to solve business problems from BOSCH

• Mannheim-Tongji EMBA Students, Prof. Alexander Maedche
• SAP Procurement Expect, Observer of Documentation/Reporting BOSCH IT/Procurement Specialist
• Coaches from SAP and BOSCH

Preparation/Action Items
1. IN PROGRESS Nico: Finalize DT Coaches from SAP
2. OPEN Nico: Provide slides about DT
3. OPEN Nico/Alexander: Prepare questions for line-up games
4. DONE Thormod: Confirm Coaches from BOSCH
5. IN PROGRESS Elke/Nico/Alexander/Roger: Review & Refine Detailed Agenda
6. IN PROGRESS Susanne/Elke: Confirm and Brief Expert from SAP
7. OPEN Elke/Susanne/Roger: Confirm & Brief Participants from BOSCH
8. PLANNED Nico/Alexander: Align Detailed Agenda with Coaches from SAP & BOSCH
9. DONE Susanne/Helen: Confirm Room Booking at BOSCH
10. OPEN Elke/Susanne/Roger: Confirm Interviewees Availability during Lunch Break + Send Invitations
11. OPEN Nico/Helen: Organize room check on-site and prepare materials + last sync-up with coaches
12. OPEN Susanne/Helen: Organize on-site lunch/snacks/drinks incl. for interviewees