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In the Tongji-Mannheim EMBA program, the participants work in international teams to complete various projects, they have occasion to lay the foundation for a network of global contacts that last a lifetime. Due to the continuous change of class constellations, size and diversity networking opportunities are maximized.

Both participants and their companies benefit from the expansive international networks of Tongji University and Mannheim Business School. The networks can be a crucial factor for a company's success as well as for an individual's career. These networks are enjoyed with world-class faculty, international corporates, extensive global alumni as well as resources of their cooperated top business institutes.

The quality of research and teaching at both Tongji-Mannheim universities attracts ambitious professionals across the globe. The class is composed of executives ( 50% Asian to 50% European ) from executive positions across multiple industries. During the program the participants will work in diverse international team classmates, sharingopportunity to know those from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds and lay a foundation for a global network of like-minded professionals which for a lifetime.

The alumni networks of Tongji and Mannheim support the graduators of the program with over 50,000 alumni worldwide - including more than 500 EMBA alumni. With access to alumni contact information and alumni chapters, the alumni will have ample opportunities to create and maintain their valuable professional and private network; and share access to different alumni services from Tongji and Mannheim Universities:

• Annual Alumni Homecoming and other networking events
• Life-long Learning Opportunities such as conferences, panels and soft skill courses
• Permanent Career Development support

• Allianz
• Alstom
• Bank of China
• Baosteel
• Bilfinger Berger
• Bosch
• Capgemini Deutschland GmbH
• Carl Zeiss
• China Railway Bureau Group
• China Telecom, Shanghai Branch
• Construction Bank of China,
Shanghai Branch
• Continental Aktiengesellschaft
• Deutsche Bank
• Dürr
• East International Group Shanghai
• Ernst & Yong GmbH

• Foxconn Technology Group
• Freudenberg
• General Electronics
• General Motors
• HeidelbergCement AG
• Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
• Heraeus Holding GmbH
• Hornbach Holding AG
• Ingersoll-Band Company
• Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG
• L’Oreal
• MVV Energie AG
• PHOENIX Pharmahandel GmbH &
• Porsche

• PricewaterhouseCoopers
• Rhön-Klinikum AG
• Roche Deutschland Holding GmbH
• Saint Gobain
• Shanghai Airport Authority
• Shanghai Construction (Group) General, Co.
• Shanghai Motor Manufacturing Co.
• Siemens (China) Co., Ltd
• Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
• Sinopec, Shanghai
• Südzucker AG
• Tianan Insurance Co., Ltd
• Voith
• Volkswagen Company
• Wal-Mart
• Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park

Both Tongji University and Mannheim Business School maintain strong ties with the business community. This collaboration with international companies gives chance to gain invaluable business insights and contacts. High-potential employees acquire current and applicable managerial skills, gain new perspectives on both the Asian and European the marketplace and further develop their leadership abilities in projects.