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• Chinese and German Double Degree EMBA program with Sino & German focus

• Jointly run by Tongji University, School of Economics & Management (in China) and University of    Mannheim, Mannheim Business School (in Germany)

Structure & Duration

• Program composed with 7+1modules: 3 in Shanghai and 3 in Mannheim, 1 in New York (optional,    New York Uni.) and 1 Online

• 9 – 11 days each module with case study in class and industries

• Be awarded with two EMBA degrees, necessary with 6 core modules for one year and 1 Master

  Project (MP) for six months after 6 core modules.


• Shanghai in China, Mannheim in Germany and New York in U.S.

• One module Online


• English for all courses without simultaneous interpretation


• First undergraduate degree

• 8 years of significant work experience

• Good English (tested in entrance interview, ideally TOEFL or IELTS) >>See Application


• 6 weeks prior to intake, 2 program entrances on March and September

Tuition Fees and founding

• 42,000 Euros including accommodations in China and Germany during modules

• Scholarship to be applied >>See Admissions


• Chinese and Germen, mainly (46%-46%)

• High academic background: 7% Ph.D., 48% Maters and 45% Bachelors

• Multicultural; business, financial, trade, engineering, law and etc. >>See Class Profile


• World-class faculty and business speakers from international top universities and Sino-   European-US companies >>See List of EMBA Faculty