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The Tongji-Mannheim EMBA with its strong Sino-German focus responds to the growing demand for managers who can navigate successfully challenges of cross cultures. It will provide senior executives from world with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary in high positions of international top management. This is achieved through an educational plan which combines well headship with Tongji University in China and University of Mannheim in Germany.   

Both Universities are renowned for their high academic quality, cutting-edge research and teaching excellence. They are two partners with significant experience in executive education, contain excellent corporate and alumni networks and demonstrate a high Sino-German affinity. The Tongji-Mannheim EMBA creates valuable collaboration to provide participants with the very best in EMBA education. 

Tongji-Mannheim EMBA is designed:  

•  Broad general management expertise from the business domains of Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Innovation, and People Skills with Sino-Germany perspectives as well as best practices from all over the globe. 

•  Portfolio of knowledge, skills and tools as well as personal awareness to be a more effective leader. 

•  Unique opportunity to become immersed in the vibrant business cultures of China and Germany as well as in the homes of the two highly recognized Institutions where the participants are studying.  

•  Challenge international environment to draw on the different cultural perspectives, experience and expertise of a heterogeneous classmate and alumni group net and a global corporate platform from Tongji and Mannheim Institutions.

•  8 study modules with 50% to 50% Sino-Europe students, educated alternatively at Tongji University in China and Mannheim of University in Germany.