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An integrated Sino-German perspective guaranteed by 
 • Faculty from both countries mainly and globally with expertise    
    on the respective culture.
 • Participants from China, Germany and other countries working
    in multicultural teams.
 • Business speakers from companies highly experienced in one or
    both markets.
 • Role plays and simulations as part of the curriculum.
 • Master Project in a Sino-European context.


Hard and Soft Skill Courses


The Tongji-Mannheim EMBA comprises a broad spectrum of hard and soft skill courses ranging from introduction to economic conditions, socio-cultural differences and legal frameworks to market entry and business handling strategies. The Soft skill courses are set up as integral parts of the Hard courses in each module with focus on business challenges from top-management perspectives.


Master Thesis


After the completion of all modules, the Master Project is asked on a Sino-European topic with guide of Tongji, or/and Mannheim, or famous invited professor to receive the double Executive MBA degrees from Tongji and Mannheim University, which offers opportunity to apply the newly gained knowledge and skill into practice.The subjects of the Thesis can be consulting project from companies, launching product or service and exploring a market.